Goal Covered


The study focuses on the challenges faced by the people of Shah Pori Dwip, particularly the Rohingya community, living in difficult conditions with inadequate sanitation facilities, limited water supply, and economic struggles.

Due to restrictions on the Naf River, a key source of livelihood, the fishing industry has suffered, leading to unemployment and economic strain. The residents face sanitation issues due to lack of proper toilets, resulting in contamination of the river and open defecation. Water scarcity forces families to use polluted water for bathing and washing clothes. Poor hygiene practices, insufficient knowledge of health and hygiene, and inadequate menstrual hygiene management contribute to health issues, including diarrheal diseases. Social concerns such as child marriage, drug addiction, and gender-based violence also prevail. Awareness360 has initiated projects to address these challenges, building toilets and conducting WASH campaigns. The future plan includes improving water supply, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities for the community.

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